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American Green Card Visa Lottery: How To Apply For USA Immigrant Visa

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American Green Card Visa Lottery

American Green Card Visa Lottery: How To Apply For USA Immigrant Visa

The United States of America is touted as perhaps the best nation to live because of the nature of way of life, opportunity, security and business openings that flourish.

An outsider who wishes to move to the United States consistently should initially apply for a foreigner visa, which gives him/her the privilege to live and work in the USA as a changeless resident.

Knowing the correct visa that suits your immigration destinations ought to be the primary thought each imminent settler must fulfill earlier visa application.

This article will feature the important strides in getting an outsider visa in the USA.


An imminent worker who wants to move to the United States of America should first picked the correct visa. for example An outsider who enters the US as a vacationer is prohibited to look for profitable work or applying for lasting residency. Knowing the correct visa that suits your immigration destinations will spare you impressive time and exertion.

There are a few Immigrant visas, each with an extraordinary structure and prerequisite.

During the visa application, candidates who have a substantial employment bid from a US business or resident relatives are organized.

In any case, candidates without a legitimate employment bid and residents' relatives can likewise apply for a settler visas in a few different classes, for example, the Asylum visa.


On the off chance that you have a relative living and working in the US as an American resident or changeless resident, applying through the Famly visa classification is the best alternative where your relative can support your application.

Your support is required to download and fill the structure I-30 through the Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and appeal the US government for Alien Relative.

It is prudent to get the assistance of an immigration master/expert to help speed up the application procedure if your support has not supported anybody previously.

In any case, on the off chance that you have a legitimate employment bid and you are applying under the work based class, at that point the imminent manager will be the sponsorer.

The US manager should download the structure I-40 from the US citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) site, and request for an Alien Worker.

After your appeal meets the endorsement of the USCIS, it will be sent to the National Visa Center (NVC) for additional preparing.

Every single supporting archive and non-refundable handling charges are required to be paid.


The data in your application must be bolstered by narrative verification which you are required to submit nearby your application to the NVC.

Note: The visa expenses and supporting records necessities may change without earlier notification, it is prudent to visit the authority USCIS site Here to remain refreshed.


As indicated by the USCIS, a medicinal assessment is required to discover you don't represent a wellbeing danger to general society. You will be screened for hints of any transferable infections and the necessary immunizations will be directed.

As a major aspect of the reviewing procedure, you should present your restorative report to the consular office upon the arrival of your planned visa meet.

Note: The therapeutic assessment result is substantial for a half year.


Going to a visa meet is the last phase of your visa application. During the meeting, you will be posed inquiries about your application and your supporting archives audited.

The consular official will choose if your visa application gets affirmed or denied, so guarantee the data gave in your application is precise.

Upon your application getting endorsement, your visa will be made accessible inside a couple of days, and legitimate for a half year.
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